Word from Principal

Dear Friends

With a great honor, I would like to invite you at Haydom Institute of Health Sciences (HIHS) where I hope you will enjoy our best health education provided by highly experienced professional staff. It’s my hope that this website will deliver you with a maximum clear information about institute with its quality health education that achieves your academic and professional favorites.

HIHS is a long standing institute of ELCT Mbulu Diocese that inclines Christianity Values and Dignity of Human Life in its health educational deliveries. Our students get adequate practical training from equipped institutional skill laboratory and full exposure from a big hospital (Haydom Lutheran Hospital).

We offer a wide and varied curriculum taught by an excited and talented staff. We concede that an academic success is not only thing our students find at our institution, but with a great guide to their great goals of their future potentials.

For over long standing, our institution has made learning environment competitive and attractive for the national and global learners, thus resulted to majority of our alumnae being able to defeat in a competitive employment circumstances.

It’s our vision to be a Centre of excellence in Health professional training by producing competent, skillful personnel who will serve the whole community in the country and beyond by providing quality, safe, and affordable health care services. I would like to invite you make follow up for details on institutional web platform.